Jaclyn Paltanen

Fibre Artist

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I work with plant dyes that all have long histories of use: Woad, Weld, Madder, Sumac, and Walnut Husks. As much as possible I grow or responsibly forage these precious plants.


My weaving practice focuses on contemporary interpretations of historical weaving techniques, with the occasional foray closer to archeological finds.


Hand embroidery was one of the first skills I learned, and I have recently come back to it. I am currently exploring historical hand embroidery techniques through tree imagery.

About Me

I am a fibre artist who primarily works in plant based dyeing, floor loom weaving, and various hand embroidery techniques. My passion for fibre art grew out of my love of history.

In 2019 I graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design with a specialization in Fibre. Since then I have shown as part of Hard Twist 14 at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, and at the Royal Winter Fair as part of The Campaign for Wool “New Voices in Wool”.

When I am not researching or creating textiles, I spend time outside gardening, or with my family.


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